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St Patrick's Presbytery, 2 Watts Street, Rochdale, OL12 0HE

Parish Donation – £879.66

We are most grateful for the offertory collection, last Sunday, which amounted to £879.66.  We are most grateful to a young, male parishioner, for a donation of £130 for parish funds.  Many thanks for donations amounting to £180 towards aid for the Philippines.  

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Christmas Cakes and Chocolate Logs

Christmas cakes and chocolate logs are available to order from Christine on (01706) 633 461.  Please see the poster at the back of Church for details on prices, cake designs and sizes.

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Parish Minibus Trips Are Open to Everyone!

Monday 2nd December - Minibus trip to the Gibbon Bridge.  Leave Saint Patrick’s at 11.00am.  Lunch at 12noon.  Fare £5.  Choose and pay for your own lunch. If you wish to book a seat, please contact Amara on (01706) 645 710.

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APF – Mill Hill Missions

The calendars for 2014 are now ready for distribution to Red Box holders.  Would promoters kindly return money & books by Sunday 5th January?  Many thanks.

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Poor Box in Church Entrance

Please continue to put money into the Poor Box in the Church entrance.  Homeless men & women are ringing the Presbytery doorbell and asking for help every day.  Thank you!

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